Help with my storage units that have been sold without letting me know.

back in December I was behind 2 months on my storage units at that point they told me (by calling me) I needed to pay both months and the current month.. or they would be selling my units. I had 2 units that had over 15,000n dollars worth of items in them. I was able to pay all but 50.00 and I told them that i would have it for them in a couple of days..I didn't hear nothing back from them so i assumed that it would be ok. 2 days before christmas i went to get my kids christmas out of my storage units and they were locked i called and talked to management and they said that they had sold them. they didn't contact me at all letting me know they were selling them they just sold both of my units all i owed was 50.00 and they never contacted me letting me know anything.i know that there is certain things they need to do before they can sell them but they didnt do anything they just sold eveything i had to my name for 50.00. please tell me you can help me or let me know if i have a case please im at the end of my rope and i dont know what else to do..

Asked almost 6 years ago in Spanish fork, Utah
Categories: Small Claims  General Legal Questions  Landlord-Tenant

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