Is it possible to ask for assylum in canada as a student in usa with sister in canada

Hi, I was studying in US until right . But there is one month ago I discovered that my sponsor who was supporting my school desapeared in my home country and the government of my country doesn't want to tell us where they put my uncle. So my sister is with a refugee statut in Canada and I m afraid to go back to my country due of persecution and torture I decided to apply for the asylum in canada on the border. I have 10 months in US studying and I m maintaing my F1 with my I20 cause my visa expired but on my i20 I have 3 years of school. My question is there is a risk to cross the border to Canada to ask for the asylum on the border? And if they refused what will happen? Because I think my university will put me out of status right now cause I dropped the class last week.

Asked about 6 years ago in Idaho
Categories: Immigration

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