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If I throw a (private) party and play karaoke videos from you tube and record the audio ( the YouTube karaoke and the singers voice now combined) and then record the result in digital form, have I broken any laws?

Asked about 6 years ago in Illinois
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James R Coleman

Answer by James R Coleman

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If the songs are copyrighted, that means the right to copy them belongs to whoever owns the copyright.  Change of format does not matter.  That they are on YouTube changes nothing.  Much on YouTube is from illegal copies.  If the song is in the public domain, the performance of the music may be copyrighted.  The simple answer is "Yes".   So far as the singers are concerned, it is presumed that the singers own the rights to their performance in the absence of contract. 

Now, on the practical side, there is so much illegal copying going on that if you do not attempt to sell the copies and keep quiet that you have them, the FBI is unlikely to come after you.  You might, however, have some very angry friends.

Posted about 6 years ago

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