Do i get in trouble if my boss get levy from irs?.

I work in construction company my boss Issue me a 1099-misc and then I paid my taxes . I ask him why he issuing me 1099misc he said that you are not a regular employee that's why. But I found out that my boss owes the IRS, Do I get in trouble if my boss get Levy from IRS?. He told me that the IRS even taking his money in the bank because he owes them taxes. I paid the 1099-misc that he issue me I never miss any taxes I paid $843 to the IRS and I even paid $43 Franchise tax board.I am going to pay my taxes again this year I will do the same process just like the way I paid my taxes last year. Do I get Audit or get Levy just like my boss if my boss owes taxes? Does the IRS takes my money in the bank if my boss owes taxes?

Asked over 6 years ago in California
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Robert Hoffman

Answer by Robert Hoffman

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