Could they send me a recovery letter without any proof i steal something?

I went to 7 Eleven store in California, one guy seems like security keeps following me I look at him and he pretend getting a hot cocoa in the coffee area, at that time I am curious what he is doing I even thought he was trying to rob me, then I tried to avoid him I turn around and he stop following me but just to make sure he is not a robber I keep looking at him, He approach me and ask me who are you? why you keep looking at me? I said at that time "I was just waiting for the coffee" and he said back are you trying to "fuck with her " seems like he was talking about the cashier lady, I said back "no" then he leave me alone. When I went to counter to pay the merchandise he went to the counter and stand beside me guarding the cashier I used my debit card to pay the merchandise , After I paid I left the store they did not even stop me or ask my Identification and any information about me.I don't even know if they call a police when I left the store. My question is, could they call a police or report me by being suspicious at that time? I am so worried and trauma. What if they going to sent me a Civil Recovery Letter, could they do that? I did not steal any or try to rob them. Can the police could issue me a warrant or summon to go to court? can the 7 eleven could trace my debit card where I live? Sorry for my bad English I am an International student here in California. Please help me should I stop worrying about this I can not even sleep well and eat. I don't want to go to jail not even committed any crime, What if those 2 personnel lie. could i get arrested without a proof, The only thing that makes me strong today is the cctv will tell them I did not steal or rob them. They did not even stop me or hold on me When I left the store but I don't know if they call a police. I didn't even saw them use the phone at that time...Please could anyone answer my question thank and God bless you

Asked over 6 years ago in Rancho cucamonga, California
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Frederic M. Douglas

Answer by Frederic M. Douglas

VerifiedCalifornia lawyer

Stop worrying. You keep making references to the consequences of stealing something from that store. If you did not steal anything and no one has accused you, forget about it. You need to take your money to other stores where they do not allow people to bother you.

Posted over 6 years ago

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sorry for the title of my question, I think I miss something in there. its wrong grammar.

Posted over 6 years ago


thanks Attorney Frederic M. Douglas for your advice... God bless you..

Posted over 6 years ago

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