Is offer to sell car valid after we split up and nearly a year passes?

I moved in with a woman in December 2012, her cars were junked and we shared my car. In April 2013 her friend offered and fix the car while it was still operational. the cost of the repairs where $1400. We ended the relationship in July and continued to live together until I moved out in August. I told her we would share the car until last week she refused to return my car. I went and took possession of the car and bought a steering wheel lock for the car. the follow night she disabled the lock and took the car. I call the police and reported the car stolen. She believes I owe her $200 and that she had permission to take the car back. I agreed for her to keep the car and return it. She had her daughter return it without the steering wheel lock of the title and registration to the car. We live in New Hampshire. She claims I agreed to repay her friend for the repairs and agreed to share the car indefinitely. I have paid my share of the rent for three months the term of the lease. I offered to sell her the car since last December, she has yet to produce her birth certificate to complete the transaction thus I took back the offer. I had an offer to sell the car but he changed his mind after she took the car.

Asked over 6 years ago in New Hampshire
Categories: Contracts  Civil Litigation  Small Claims

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