American indian born in canada- wanting to reside in the usa

I am an american indian that was born in canada, currently living in canada, do I need to schedule an infopass appointment, or do i just go to cross the border and have all my documentation ready adn let them know that I intend to move and live in the united states under the jay treaty? also, If I have to go through an info pass appointment am I able to go and liv ein the United states right away and apply for Permanent residency from there, or if I pass through my port of entry do I just show the border patrol officer or customs officer inside my documents, and tell them i plan to reside in the US under Jay Treaty, and will I be allowed to pass through still that day? and apply for PR from the U.S where I will be staying? Will I be given trouble when I go to move my personal belongings over to the USA? or do I have to wait for my Permanet residency to start moving my things( couch,etc, ) over? If I tell them when I cross at my port of entry that i plan to move there, will be saying that the " reason for my visit " when they ask like usual is to visit my boyfriend and reside permanently under the Jay treaty will that be an issue? Also I have the following documents , will this be sufficient evidence?:- The original copy of my proof of ancestry from INAC- Copy of my long form birth certficate- Copy of my fathers long form birth certifcate( who my native blood derives from )- Copy of my status card and band registration number, etc- Copy of the Jay Treaty From INAC( some border patrols have never heard of it believe it or not)

Asked over 6 years ago in Lansing, Michigan
Categories: Immigration  Human Rights  Native American Law

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