Is it normal to be handcuffed and get put in juvy for this?

Is it normal to be handcuffed and get put in juvy for this? Ok, so this story is kinda embarrasing for me but I will make it as quick as possible. I just want to know if it is normal? I am a 16 year old high school sophmore. I was at out varsity football game last friday as I am a cheerleader. After the game as I was driving home my car broke down. I was not sure what to do as I left my phone at home. About a few minutes later a car came up and asked if I needed help and I said yes. They called someone and within 5 minutes a tow truck and a police officer were there. They towed the car and the cop said he was going to give me a ride home. He asked if I had any weapons on me and I said no as I we in my uniform ( no pockets ) and just had my purse. He had me turn around and said it was routine that he had to search me, however, when he was done he took my hands and put me in handcuffs behind my back. They were so tight. I asked him why and I was crying. he said it was procedure and that it was for my own safety. He drove me home about 20 minutes and said he was going to walk me to my door and explain to my parents what happened. I told him that my parents were out of town on vacation for the week. he then told me that he could not leave me home alone as I was under 18. He took me to the countyjail or whatever and put me in a holding cell with my cuffs still on and locked them to a bench. They got in contact with my parents who could not get a flight back until Monday. I was told I would have to stay the night. After 3 hours they uncuffed me and left me alone in the holding cell. Early the next morning a lady came and said to come with her. I did and she took me in a back room and said to remove everything I had on and put it in a bag and ot put on a green pair of pants and top. She said that until my parents came to get me that I was going to have to be transported to the juvenile detention facility. I was put in full restraints, belt, handcuffs, ankle cuffs and chain from ankles to writst. i was loaded into a cage in the back of a van and taken 2 hours to a juvenile facility. I stayed there for 3 days till my parents came to get me out and they transported me baack the same way. It was hell. This is what i want to know Is this normal? Is is legal? Why did they have to lock me up and handcuff me? How the hell are handcuffs for my own protection? PS Rebecca Olsen is not my real name!.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Categories: Criminal Law  Juvenile Law

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