How to get someone to leave who doesnt pay rent

Hello,I am in Phoenix AZ and I have a problem. I have someone who used to be a friend staying in my condo. She had no where to go and at the time was very nice to me and a good person. She was just looking to get back on her feet and she would move out once she could. Fast forward 4 months she is still staying on my couch, she finally has a job (first paycheck was last friday), I have never asked her to pay rent or utilities. She has gotten very belligerent and started to yell at me for trivial reasons. I believe she is a little bipolar and has been without medication for several months. I have had enough and asked her to leave. She says she wont leave because she has no where to go. She has a DUI which is why she came to be for help in the first place. I have never hurt her, never yelled at her, never instigated any of her bad behaviors. I just want her gone. How can I get her to leave as quickly as possible? I am getting tired of her constant verbal abuse. I am worried she will start to damage my property soon.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona
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Antonio Gimbernat

Answer by Antonio Gimbernat

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I will suggest you have a Court Appointed "Process Server", Serve her with a Formal Eviction Notice. This Costs perhaps $50 & provides Police with Documentation if she is not gone after the Grace Period (which is usually 45 Days). I would recommend you help her find a Storage Locker to Rent & help her get a P.O. Box too. After all, you are friends. You might have a few other options which I am not aware. Good Luck.

Posted almost 7 years ago

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