Sexual discrimination

i have been discriminated against by my college due to my gender. i was not allowed to finish my program because of my gender and not given the equal privilages that my classmates were due to being the only female in class. i was not given the same treatment that my classmates were which allowed them to finish the class and not me. what are my next steps due to the college being informed of my situation and not given the proper consideration as i deserved ? it has affected me not only mentally and health wise but my right have been violated due to being a female and not being able to succeedin what i worked hard to accomplish .

Asked over 6 years ago in New York
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Antonio Gimbernat

Answer by Antonio Gimbernat

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There are many "Special Interest Groups" who Discriminate if you do not Promote their Interests. Example: A Heterosexual Male could be discriminated against by the LGBT Community based upon his Sexual Orientation. I will suggest you persue your Goal by being persistant in Completing the Course Requirements. You must realize the Majority of the Class will influence it's Direction. Unfortunately, it appears you were the Minority in this Class. Perhaps you were discriminated against. But your time is better spent persuing & Completing the Course, than attempting to File a Discrimination Complaint against Fellow Students. Again, the Professor perhaps was compelled to direct the Class towards the Majority (The Males). As long as you Complete the Course Requirments, you should be Satisfied. Don't waste time trying to file a Civil Complaint as this will be a Waste of your Time, unless you are planning to attend Law School.

Posted over 6 years ago

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