Husband whom refused to get back on his feet after all the help wants spouse support

My husband been on and off drug for a long time of period my kids and I been in out shelter cause of this I got my green card 09 and try my best to get job cause I wants my kids to hv better life than shelter 10 I gave birth and hv to live in the shelter my husband went to his mom house cause he hook badly on pain medication and other drugs while in shelter my husband promised this time he change all he need is good education and suboxtion to slowly be off drug I thought these separation changed him so I trusted him again after I got a job he said that if I get a place so he can concentrate on his study and get a part time job so I got an apartment he went to school and I got to work two month everything went good than he started to get high I'm feel cheated and sad of his doing it again he said school is hard he deserved to hv fun this went on for months to year I call cops on him when he got so bad that I had a breakdown I don't hv any family here to go to he don't want to leave this goes on for two years I thought everything will be alright now he got his degree but unfortunately I don't know what goes or went wrong his school drop him the last week after the last day of his school he told me the school rip him off he need me to get 1500 for his cert I make just enough to pay bills I can afford that 1500. I ask him if he would find a job that he promised to get when I'm in the shelter now all he do is play Xbox and watch movies all day and night he dont help me around the house I go to work I clean the house cook and basically take care of the kids too he don't cool for the kids when I'm working he said I should buy instance food so they can just put in microwave my mind is exhausted my body is tired he give tons of excuses everyday why he dont fill application form on line I said if he so lazy to sit on computer to fill application he might just want to work at fast food he said he got a degree fast food is not an option from the way things goes I don't think he want to go to work because he don't want to loose his soonercare if he loose that he won't get his suboxtion which he suppose to be off like 1year ago his first consultation the doctor said by 6 month he should be able to take lesser and it's will go down graduately and by a year he should be off and free I feel used and lie by my own husband again for these two year I hv supported him financially helping him to get Back on his feet but he just refused too do it I told him I had enough and if I hv to be a mom and dad might as well I be single I asked him to moved to his mom house and bring the Xbox too he say no I want a divorce he said well u know what Chinese woman I will claim spouse support from you for the rest of your life and I want the van too good luck to you trying to divorce me i feel lost and hurt I barely enough to pay bills right now I feel the law is against me I hv black and white of I'm in the shelter he in out rehab he's going to school police record but the law is still against me can a per son like him really claim spouse support he trap me I thought I'm doing a good thing helping him to get his life on the track but after two year of support him and the kids he going to use me working against me pls tell me and help me I feel helpless

Asked about 7 years ago in Oklahoma
Categories: Family  Legal Aid

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