Overstay j1 visa after termination

Im student from Ukraine, now im in US with J1 visa. Some days ago I was fired from my host company. I have plane ticket at August 31, but my sponsor sent me this letter: "Our Work & Travel committee reviewed your explanation and decided that it is necessary for you to return home right away. You may NOT continue staying in the United States on the Work & Travel Program. Please make immediate arrangements to depart the US by Wednesday August 7th 2013 and provide your departure information to me.   If you do not depart the US by Wednesday August 7th 2013 and provide your departure information to me, we will be left with no choice but to recommend your program for termination review. Please remember that if your program is terminated, you will be in the United States illegally and you and your family members will have difficulty obtaining another US visa in the future." What will happens if I dont change my ticket and stay in US till 31 of August? Can my family members have problems with US visa in future for sure? And can I come back to US later, becouse I know, if I overstay my visa expired date less than 180 days, i can`t apply for any type of visa for 3 years. Is it true? And after 3 years can I apply again?

Asked over 6 years ago in Wisconsin
Categories: Immigration  Labour & Employment

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