Co-op is charging me legal fees that i'm not responsible for

My co-op Water’s Edge in Patchogue, NY is charging me legal fees. I feel that I’m not responsible for these charges. What’s the proper way of telling them that they need to remove these charges from my account? Superficially this would be a small claims court case but the situation is very complicated. In summary, the management office (Greenview Properties in Bay Shore, NY) claims they sent me 3 letters telling me if I don’t get in touch with them to schedule a rug inspection that they will contact the attorney and charge me the legal fees. I never received any letters. I told them many times to email me for anything because of current circumstances with my mail. They never told me anything about having a lawyer get in touch with me. When I heard from the lawyer, Caryn Meyer, I thought it was the new “resident services” person that I repeatedly requested to be reassigned to. After a lot of back and forth, being given the run around and them clearly playing games with me, I received 1 letter from the lawyer office Cohen & Warren PC in Smithtown, NY telling me the date and time for the inspection. Only after the fact did Greenview email me one, and only 1, of the supposed 3 letters they sent me. They are charging me $120 for each letter from the lawyer. They claim 2 letters were sent out from Cohen & Warren. I only received 1 and it was just repeating something from a previous email. Who charges $120 for sending out a letter? Now they added another mystery legal fee of $60. And, they added a $50 late fee. I always pay maintenance on time and this is a completely separate thing. Also, the invoices don’t match up. From one month to the next, they are making up the late dates and additional charges as they go. This is just another form of harassment from Greenview since the President of the co-op board has a personal vendetta against me and is personally mentoring Greenview and Caryn Meyer about how she wants to deal with me. There are lots of other people in my complex that have similar problems with being harassed by the board president through the management company and are currently hoping to sell their units as soon as possible. Should I just pay the $350 to them and later take them to small claims court to get it back or is there a way to tell them that they have to take the charges off my account? My common charges already go towards Water’s Edge’s legal budget but they waste it on stupid things that they don’t even need a lawyer for but they want to turn around and harass people like me who just want to enjoy their home in peace. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Asked almost 7 years ago in Patchogue, New York
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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