What lawyer can i get if i was wrongly accused of gross misconduct and stealing merchandise in violation of wmts-ap11 as a minor

My son is 16 years old got his high school diploma early and had gotten a part-time job at Wal-Mart as a cashier which he started on 4/20/13 and was terminated on 6/10/13 because of "gross misconduct" for 'stealing merchandise'. My son has never, in his life, stolen anything he would drink soda or energy drinks so he wouldn't get tired and eat a snack, but at one point or another he would always pay for them either at another cash register or at his, if he didn't pay for it immediately before he opened it, he'd pay for it after he had eaten it or while he was eating it. As a result of the allegations he was terminated on the spot, however, even though he was accused with stealing merchandise, the asset protection manager said that things were eaten, so there is no actual 'merchandise'.

Asked over 6 years ago in Monona, Wisconsin
Categories: Criminal Law  Juvenile Law

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