Is it legal for a hospital to write off surgeon's fees without his consent?

I am a surgeon employed at a local not-for-profit hospital. The hospital's billing department routinely writes off my surgeon's fees for patients that cannot/refuse to pay instead of writing off hospital's fees. They do not ask for my approval or input. It has happened numerous times that I would tell the patient upfront that they are expected to pay my fee (and the patient would agree) but the billing office would still write off my fee upon patient's request. I am not salaried and my income depends on my surgical productivity and fees collected. My write offs last month were 80%. Is it legal for the hospital to limit my income in this way and write off my fees without my consent? There is nothing in my contract regarding this.

Asked about 7 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska
Categories: Labour & Employment

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Hi there. We don't have any lawyers from your state that practice in this area; so your question will likely not be answered quickly or at all at this point. Sorry. But you might want to try to contact a labour and employment lawyer in your city to see if they can help. I'm sorry but I don't know much about this area, otherwise I'd try to help. But it certainly doesn't sound like the hospital is being fair; so contacting a lawyer might be a good idea. On the other hand you could try bringing up the issue yourself - you may get good results. All the best.

Posted about 7 years ago

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