Cps wrongfully removed my 2 youngest of 8 kids from my home and i want to know what i can do to get them back sooner than later?

hello i have a 14 year old daughter who i recently found out was sexually involved with a 25 year old strange man that was picking her up from school an practice and her friends house and i found out she is pregnant, when i confronted her about it she made it very clear she was protecting this stranger and there is plenty proof i have acquired from her of their involvement. I took her to school and had her grandmother stay there to make sure she stayed in school the whole day and in her efforts to protect this man she told the school she was afraid to come home because she was being abused and raped at home and became pregnant there, (of course all lies) but unfortunately CPS has taken her out of my home pending these allegations against me and they also took my 9 year old son who has absolutely no involvement in this situation under possibility of abuse! If a case worker would just talk to me or an officer or official they will see the truth but no one will and yet they are keeping my children away from me and i won't get a chance to even go to court until the end of JULY. This devastation is causing myself and my other 6 children a lot of stress and me being diabetic its wearing down my health. I am extremely confident that once a judge hears the truth everything will work out but in the meantime i want to know if there is A. A way to speed this process up and B. can i file a lawsuit against CPS for overlooking all the facts in an effort to take my children? and C. Is there any way i can at least get my 9 year old back sooner than the court hearing being that none of this involves him at all??? please any response will be of great help and appreciated! I am a very good mother raised 6 kids prior to my youngest 2 to adulthood and high school/college graduates so its really tearing me up that I am facing such proposterous allegations and the real perp (the pedophile that got her pregnant) is just free to roam and sexually abuse other underaged girls and with the information i gave to the police all of their efforts have been turned to me and prosecuting me instead of getting this scumbag off the streets! Is there anything i can do about this at all¿??Sincerely and desperately, Mother of 8 of Richmond Ca

Asked about 7 years ago in Richmond, California
Categories: Family  Juvenile Law

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I'm sorry that your question did not get answered. Please try one of the many lawyers in our directory in CA that practice family law to see if one of them can help you out. I'm not sure why none of them answered yet. All the best. http://legal.advicescene.com/us/lawyers?utf8=%E2%9C%93&area=Family&state=CA&textQuery=&commit=Search

Posted about 7 years ago

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