Married woman sleeps with me, while i am unknowing of her marital status. week later says she is pregnant. 3 years later requests paternity test. still married

I slept with a woman I believed to be divorced at the time. A week later she stated she was pregnant. As time went by I requested from her that we do a paternity test. For a two year period I tried to get her to move and live with me, or me be involved and both requests we shot down. After two years of trying, and her still being married, i left it all alone. Now 3 years after she was born, I get a message she wants me to get a paternity test and wants me to pay for it. Can she request a paternity test this long after acknowledging her husband as the father, and she is still married? We both live in Kansas.

Asked about 7 years ago in Kansas
Categories: Family

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