Employer is not giving me my last paycheck

I resigned from a title loan company after 9 months. A few weeks prior there was a descrepency on a loan that I brought to my bosses attention, we believe the money was paid to the vendor but the vendor came back and said it wasn't paid (after telling us that it indeed was paid). I was the store manager and ultimately took responsibility for the so called "miss placed money" @ agreed to repay the company $100 every two weeks until it was paid in full. My last check was to be deposited today & they took all of it to apparently pay that money back. Is that legal even though I have a written agreement to repay them in incremits of $100 every two weeks? This has put me in a very bad financial position. What rights do I have to collect that money?

Asked about 7 years ago in Alabama
Categories: Labour & Employment

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