Making a cover version of a song... what type of license?

I already know that when one is making a cover version of some copyrighted song (and is singing and playing music himself (that's the point!) while recording) for a physical or digital release, he will simply need a corresponding type of a license (mechanical license.. etc)And when he takes an already existing piece of a sound recording (for example, a karaoke version or a sample of a sound recording placed in another recording or mixed), he needs to get a "master use" license, because he is using the sounds that are NOT played by him.Well, I've got a cover version recorded like this - me singing alongside with an already existing song performed by a famous artist. Just singing along. And I got it recorded. And I want to put it on the Internet. What license should I get to make it legal?

Asked about 7 years ago in California
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Laura Drossman

Answer by Laura Drossman

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You need to secure a sync license in order to use the lyrics and music but not a specific version (as recorded by the notable recording artist or otherwise) and also need a master license (aka a "master recording license") to use the particular prerecorded version of the song you are seeking to use in your new collaborative recording. NOTE: This is a very general statement based solely on the information provided in your question and should not be relied upon as legal advice without further consultation with a licensed attorney.

Posted about 7 years ago

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