Hospital violates family's right to child while in hospital without just cause, major medical neglect history by hospital - need help asap.

Recently, i was asked to work with a hospital for my child's care in a very direct and specific way. I followed there instructions to the letter and was asked to trust them. So i did. Nothing said or done was immoral, unlawful or warranting there recent actions whatsoever as i retain a copy of every bit of this. I began petitions, multiple investigations, have off and on been seeking out a decent lawyer and researching it only to come up with more questions than answers. What is happening, (completely agents my daughters mother's will, my will and full out knowingly agents the overall good and well being of my child by them,) is i have been completely barred from all involvement in care and treatment in every possible way in regards to my child and her very serious medical condition entirely except within my own home wear we all reside. In addition to this, her life depends on a heart cath to be preformed by now and they refuse to schedule it even at the direction of the insurance company and they simply ignore our pleas for general treatment and neglect her overall care most of the time. I think its safe to say by the record of events, time line of Dept. of Health Complaints that it is undoubtedly a form of retaliation by them. Another, much more experienced Harvard based hospital caught this and far more negligence thru-out her history and are VERY angry and appalled at the said facility for there neglectful actions thru-out. My questions pertaining to the matter described hear are as follows: 1.: Who EXACTLY do we contact to investigate this and report the findings that is not a risk of being influenced in ANY WAY by or the facility in question hear? 2.: When we find the results of the investigation, what is to be done with them? 3.: IF, a person is moderate to low income, what is the best possible avenue in locating good legal help for the situation? 4.: ANY tip's, advice or words of wisdom to this effort would be VERY treasured and appreciated, THANK YOU. ANY answer should be detailed but not winded and specific like: "Pennsylvania Health Law Project" not PHLP, I will not likely understand or know for sure otherwise and will have to ask again, thanks.

Asked about 7 years ago in Pennsylvania
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