Broken jaw / a&e didnt even notice.

I went into A&E after being assaulted on 23/2/13 Waited 4 hour for a guy to tell me that the pain i was recieveing was from my teeth (Was kicked on the floor several times) and he felt my jaw asking does this hurt several times each time i replied with yes.. Im guessing this is to look for breaks or what not? His only advice was to go to the dental hospital / dentist. So that was a sat night.. its closed on a sunday and monday i started jury service so couldnt go i told the jury id be going on the tue that was fine then i was put on a case and wait till friday... thats 6 days after it happened i went into the dental hospital to be told what are you doing here? i said i need my back two teeth out i was assaulted on Saturday night.. to which the reply was i think your jaws broken and you need to go to a&e i then told them i had and they were shocked they gave me a xray and my jaw was broken in TWO places they sent me back to a&e (Same hospital) with the xrays and called letting them know they put me on a ward and operated on me that night luckily i had not ate.. i now have a metal plate in my jaw etc.. My point is thats 6 days i went with a broken jaw because someone didnt do a xray and was in too much of a hurry he touched my jaw which i told him hurt several times which he clearly ignored or he would have gave me the xray. What should i do on the matter? I'm not in the us im in the uk.

Asked about 7 years ago in Texas
Categories: Human Rights  Small Claims

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