Collecting child support in florida

This question is for a Florida family lawyer: I have an Ontario court order for child support for $282,000 (interest is being calculated so arrears will increase). The Ontario Family Responsibility Office is enforcing support via Florida. Recently I found that my ex is half owner of a home in Florida. There are 2 other properties wherein he also is part owner in Michigan and Florida. The FRO has managed to put liens on both properties. The property in Michigan is a winterized home and the other property is a mobile home. (1) Can I put a lien on the property to perfect the judgement? He has not been to a default hearing in the last 7 years thus his income is undetermined. (2) How can I have him brought to a default hearing? (3) What other means are there to collect the arrears as the Florida Revenue haven't been diligent?

Asked over 7 years ago in Florida
Categories: Civil Litigation  Human Rights  Family

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