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The father of my child has not helped pay for any hospital bills, and supplies, anything at all. He has not once offered any help or tried calling to make sure our son is being fed and clothed-anything. He has turned every person against me, and to make me out as a crazy psychotic person. I tried to keep him away for the safety of myself and my son, due to him being very violent, scary, and dangerous, as he is forceful, controlling, jealous, and hates to see me happy and does everything to take it away from me. Not only does he hate me, my family, and is only doing this to make my life miserable, he has taken me to court for his rights. The judge didnt believe anything I said, and favored him completely. Even though he lied in court, I did not exaggerate, and I did not lie. I behaved respectively. The judge ruled for reserving child support for the first 4 months for a later hearing. Does this mean, he won't be able to pay child support for another 4 months? And if he does not pay child support at all, how can I turn him in for it? Is there any way that I can have at least one person to believe the things Ive seen him do and the threats he made is true? I come from an honest family and don't do things for attention. I wouldnt make anything up to cause him trouble. I just want the truth to be out and my son and my family and I to be safe.v Please help in any way, I'd appreciate it, I just want the safety for my son.

Asked over 7 years ago in Kansas
Categories: Family

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