What can we do to keep from getting evicted while child support takes almost all of the paycheck?

My husband pays child support regularly as ordered by the court. His child's mother didn't file for support until the child was 13 and she found out he was married. The child is now 18. He is still paying on his back support on a regular basis. The child support office suddenly put a lean on his bank account and took almost his entire paycheck leaving us with nothing to pay our rent with. We are about to be put out on the streets with no resources. I am currently looking for work and have been for 2 months. They didn't even notify us they were going to do this. He can't simply stop his direct deposit because his job doesn't issue hard copy checks anymore. We can't survive this way. What can we do to keep from getting evicted?

Asked over 7 years ago in Arizona
Categories: Human Rights  Family  Landlord-Tenant

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