The ding has a life of its own

An individual working at the same company as myself approached me at the close of the work day telling me I had damaged his car and was going to pay for a paint job.My dark brown car was parked next to his and he said he had a ding and beige paint on the passenger's rear door. He threatened me saying this wasn't going away and I was going to pay for it. He said he would take me to the small claims court if I didn't pay to have his car painted. Since I was, previous to his entry, leaving to go home and since he seemed to be highly agitated, I said we could walk out to take a look to see what he was talking about. I pointed out that the beige paint on the car did not match my dark brown. I also pointed out that there was no mark on my car to show it had caused the damage. I said look, this beige paint smudge rubs right off with the dirt. He said it wasn't dirt and to stop rubbing it off. 11/7/2012 Then on December 10th, he entered my office, threw down an estimate to repair his car, and told me he would give me until that evening to agree to pay the estimate for his "repairs". He also told me he had proof (video tape) from the parking lot cameras. He assists in some of the technology of the company and would have access to cameras showing our cars parking position to each other that he could have recorded before the recordings are recorded over I think every week. His estimate of damage came to $701.87 which included repairs for outer panel, body with strip, door with strip, belt with strip, handle, outside chrome, trim panel (on the rear door ), on the front door belt with strip, powered mirrow black texture, trim panel, handle outside with security, and on the pillars, rocker & floor rocker black molding, hazardous waste, cover car, and corrosion protection with 20.4 hours of labor. Finally, when I saw his car the other day, the "ding" looked different than when I saw it that day. MY FIRST QUESTION: 1. Is a video he had control over admissible as evidence? How do we know it was not edited? 2. Will pictures of the "damage" be admissible since he could have worsen the ding and then photographed it for the court? 3. What if he gets a friend to "testify" I am new to this job and because I evaluate the employees, I am not popular. I was brought on board in part to clean up some of the corruption.

Asked over 7 years ago in Dallas, Texas
Categories: Small Claims

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