Breach of contract false police report clearing my name

Can you reports a vehicle stolen if it wasnt? I looked up the definition of stolen does not match.<br> I ran like hell from my exsociopath a year ago a little over and I had traded in my vehicle and it was worth 10000 we got a vehicle. when I left him I said give me the money back for my vehicle or sign a letter stating I can keep this jeep well he signed a notarized letter and I drove off I am trying to keep this short.&nbsp;<br /><br />well I would not go back to him after 6000 emails of begging and harrassment so he reported the jeep stolen in texas and had it picked up this does not seem right to me.&nbsp;<br /><br />also if I stold why did I not go to jail. You can report something stolen a year later and its stolen but you dont put the crook in jail. I beleive that would constitute as a false police reoprt&nbsp;<br /><br />please help did not put my name on the title he had better credit yes dumb move but I do have the notarized document. I have no vehicle now

Asked over 7 years ago in Tyler, Texas
Categories: Contracts  Human Rights  Criminal Law  Business Law  Family

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