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I participate in a long term, inpatient , paid clinical study sponsored by the major pharmaceutical corp.<br />I live&nbsp; in 1 large room along with a group of the study "subjects" One of my close neighbors has been behaving from the very beginning ( now is the 4th week )in a noisy, obnoxious manner with a total disregard to the facility's own rules . My complaints are taken but there is no actual effort made to enforce the rules and make the conditions livable. I am being&nbsp; deprived of sleep at nights ( his snoring ) and putting up with the noisy days. After 4 weeks I'm exhausted . Because the situation has become unbearable I have been sleeping&nbsp; ( with the management gracious permission ) in a separate TV room on the 2 x 5 feet couch with the cold air condition blowing into my face while he enjoys his snoring and daily noisy routines. After spending the nights or at least the portions of them in the comfort of&nbsp; the couch suitable for 6 year old my neck hurts and the pain radiates up to the lower back. and I am kind of a nervous wreck. At the beginning of the study I have signed an agreement but it does not relate to the situation like that.<br />If the situation does not change rapidly I plan to sue them.<br />Where do I go , what specialty lawyer would handle this case?<br />Thank you in advance if someone will be kind enough to respond<br /><br />

Asked over 7 years ago in California
Categories: Contracts  Civil Litigation  Personal Injury

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