Divorce help and violation of my rights

Several questions for you. My wife filed an order of protection on me once I found out she was having an affair. I never threatened her or physically harmed her. The order of protection had several lies in it. The biggest one was that I was an Iraq War Veteran with psychological issues. I was in the Navy and was 500 miles away from any combat. Doesnt this violate the Stolen Valor Act by trying to profit from my military service? When she filed this order of protection, I was in a state of shock and did not know what to do. I went to the hearing to defend myself and the judge did not want to hear any of it. The courts never told me what to do as far as how to defend myself. I feel as if all my rights to due process were totally stripped away. I had no criminal record before this, have a college degree and an honorable discharge from the Navy. Can I bring this up in the divorce trial and show the judge how she lied on the order of protection with my discharge papers and statements from people I served with? There has been a guardian ad litem appointed to the court in ascertaining custody of and parenting time for my child. She is shocked that I am asking for full custody of our child and stated she is going to ask the courts to appoint me the summer months and holiday visitation time. What are the odds of me getting full custody?

Asked over 8 years ago in Minnesota
Categories: Family

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