Despite agreeing that i cancelled gym membership, they keep charging me late fees

I cancelled my gum membership in December. After it took a few tries, all seemed to go well. I get a call around the middle of the month, doesn't give much detail, I assume it is trying to get me back so I ignore it. Another week another call. I called back this time and left a message, I was worried that they might not have gotten my cancellation over to billing even though I have a copy of their acceptance. Nothing through the holidays, then yesterday another call. I returned it and left a message again. Today I get a new message claiming that I owe $85. I finally make contact. They want $10 for the month after I cancelled, silly but ok. Then they want $25 for each time the tried to run my account info for payment. I told them no, they threatened collections and are willing to drop to $60. It all seems bogus to me

Asked about 7 years ago in Ann arbor, Michigan
Categories: Consumer  Contracts

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