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I hired a lawyer to defend me in court and still received max penalty for the judgement. I ended up going to county jail for almost 4 months unable to pay the lawyer. He is now seeking garnishment of my paycheck from my job. I receive no type of notification that this action was taking place. I still paid as much as I could considering I just started my job and have a family to provide for. My lawyer's lawyer is now attempting to collect a debt for which I started paying on. They decided it was in their best interest to start garnishing my check. I currently reside in Elpaso County, Colorado and have not ever gotten this deep in, what would seem, all these legal technicalities. Is there any way I can have a hold or stop put into place? I was told that I wouldn't receive payment receipt from them for record other than a pay stub. How do I know the money is going to the right place if they are not willing to provide me with information that they are receiving my money? Can this be stopped? I'm really looking for a factual answer to this question knowing the law/government has plenty of loopholes in place to bypass most, if not all laws. I do not want to feel victimized here because of the fact that I've been told ignorance of the law is no excuse too many times. Is there anything that can be done?

Asked over 7 years ago in Colorado
Categories: Contracts  General Legal Questions

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