Grand furniture placing levy on my account for ex's debt.

I am in the military, I currently have a 3 yr old daughter, me and her father are not together, but when i was being deployed I added him to my bank account so that he could pay her daycare fee and food. Well I currently moved and live in California now. I was on my way to the bank when I was informed that my bank account has a hold due to him not paying a bill. When I tried to inform them that I have never had any accounts with them and he is only on the account for child care purposes, they told me that because he was on the account with me that they are going to place a hold on the account till it was paid. I just moved out here to california and now i can't close my account, or remove him from my account unless we both go into the bank and he is in Alabama. I contacted the store and they said even if I removed him from my account they would still charge you the 850 amount. I have tried to talk to someone over the representitive I was talking to and she wouldn't let me speak with any other managment. She wouldn't give me the headquarters information. The rep was very rude her name was Ms. A. I don't know what I can do. He has his own checking account and only my pay check is depoisted into my account every month. I could also prove that i am the only one making payments. I don't know what to do, this has left me in a bad way.  they said that in 90 days they are going to remove the money from my accuont and lift the hold. but since i just moved down here the money was my relocation money for moving from VA to CA. I don't start work until the 4th and don't paid again till the 15th. so what are my options. Why are they able to place a hold on my checking account when he has his own? please help.NAME Removed by Administrator

Asked over 7 years ago in Illinois
Categories: Small Claims  Business Law  General Legal Questions

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