I payed a total of $300 for someone to mortally wound a $1500 laptop.

Brought a very expensive laptop into a computer repairal store. They have a full team of staff, and computer displays, and SEEMED very legitimate.  They said the problem would be done in days, but it took them weeks.  They solved my problem with my laptop, but their solution was temporary, as I had to bring it to them multiple times.  They made me order a charger for my laptop, claiming mine wasn't functioning right, but my laptop still didn't work after I purchased this charger, and they ended up taking my laptop back and "working" on it some more.  They don't refund the charger.


Again, my laptop worked correctly for a brief period, but then after a week of use, it stopped working.  Fed up with this repairal store, I brought my laptop to a different repairal store, and they said that the previous store worked on and ruined the case of my  laptop, and damaged many components.  Among those components was my motherboard, which essentially renders my laptop irrepairable beyond a reasonable price.  What legal action could I take, and how should I approach taking it?

Asked over 8 years ago in Minnesota
Categories: Small Claims

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