I payed a total of $300 for someone to mortally wound a $1500 laptop.

Brought a very expensive laptop into a computer repairal store. They have a full team of staff, and computer displays, and SEEMED very legitimate. &nbsp;They said the problem would be done in days, but it took them weeks. &nbsp;They solved my problem with my laptop, but their solution was temporary, as I had to bring it to them multiple times. &nbsp;They made me order a charger for my laptop, claiming mine wasn't functioning right, but my laptop still didn't work after I purchased this charger, and they ended up taking my laptop back and "working" on it some more. &nbsp;They don't refund the charger. <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Again, my laptop worked correctly for a brief period, but then after a week of use, it stopped working. &nbsp;Fed up with this repairal store, I brought my laptop to a different repairal store, and they said that the previous store worked on and ruined the case of my &nbsp;laptop, and damaged many components. &nbsp;Among those components was my motherboard, which essentially renders my laptop irrepairable beyond a reasonable price. &nbsp;What legal action could I take, and how should I approach taking it?</p>

Asked about 7 years ago in Minnesota
Categories: Small Claims

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