How to break a lease

I signed a lease with my boyfriend On feb12 that is a year lease recently our relationship feel apart. There was some abuse aimed towards me and I no longer feel comfortable living there. I was told by the landloard that all to do was turn in my 30 day notice and I would be taken off the lease. So I did. Now my ex is telling me that I can not get out of the lease. One reason is that he does not want to move and the other is that we would have to find a person to take over the lease. But since one of us does not want to move would I still be able to find someone to move in and force my ex to move? Or am I stuck in this lease due to the fact that he does not want to break the lease? I have also asked my landloard for the steps I need to take in order to break my lease in writing. Does he need to give me something in writing? I just want my name off of this and do not know what to do.

Asked almost 8 years ago in California
Categories: Real Estate  Landlord-Tenant

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