How to start a legal petition to evict someone

I need to know what I can do to get someone out of my neighborhood. She is a prostitute that lives with her pimp, she deals drugs out of her apartment (we live in a triplex, she lives in the front and we, in the back) and goes around threatening people, she trashes the neighborhood (she thinks its funny to leave condom wrappers on everyones porch) she is trashy, she gets arrested at least once a week, her pimp is a sexual offender and lives within 2 blocks of a high school where he has already sexually assaulted several students. We have tried to talk to our landlord about these issues and they tell us that because she pays her rent they don't care what she does. In may of this year, she stabbed 4 people and killed one and was not arrested or anything because she claimed it was self defense even though it was over drug money. She has personally threatened myself, my 4 year old son and my disabled fiance. Our entire neighborhood wants her out (her pimp just also happens to be our town's most habitual offender, being convicted of over 60 felonies in the last 9 years) so we are all wanting to know if and how we can start a legal petition to get her out of there or what we need to do because she seems to get away scot free with the police even though they are at her door every other day.. she's in our town's "shamed/arrested" page literally every week along with her pimp and we are all sick of it! Most of our neighborhood is elderly or young couples with small children and NO, my family and I were NOT warned of this when we moved in. PLEASE HELP!

Asked almost 8 years ago in Warren, Ohio
Categories: Contracts  Real Estate  Human Rights  Criminal Law  General Legal Questions  Landlord-Tenant

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