Would like to visit my family in canada, how to find out if i have a warrant out for my arrest for a driving without insurance offence.

i was stopped in vancouver B.C canada for speeding. i was in the process of changing all my documents over to b.c from alberta, i was holding a b.c drivers license but due to a communication mix up documents i needed to get for insurance were held up. I still held alberta insurance on my vehicle. i was well within the three month window for getting documents changed over when moving from one province to another and within the 30 day window for getting all the b.c documents. The officer who stopped me said that i was driving without valid insurance and made me park and leave my car. <p>I contested the ticket and requested a court date, after waiting over a year i was given a date to appear, by this time I had moved back to alberta and was back at work at my remote (helicopter only access) job. I wrote a letter requesting to postpone the date and asked for a hearing during weeks when i was available, (cheeky i know but i would lose out on two weeks work) they denied my request and i was given a date when it was impossible for me to appear.&nbsp;</p> <p>I didn't pay the fine out of principle. I should never have been given that ticket and feel the officer was trying to meet a quota and would not listen to reason. I feel that i should have been given the opportunity to plead my case, and when i called the court to appeal, they said i didn't have that choice.&nbsp;</p> <p>I am now married and living in the united states and have gone through the whole immigration process without issue, i want to return to canada (ontario) to visit my family and have no intention of staying. I am wondering how to find out if there is a warrant out for my arrest.&nbsp;</p> <p>sorry for the long winded story but i'm still pissed that i'm dealing with this situation and have it hanging over my head two years later.&nbsp;</p>

Asked almost 8 years ago in Colorado
Categories: Municipal Law  Small Claims  General Legal Questions

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