I'm my grandmothers poa and rp, can i use her funds to do a wellness check/visit at the nursing home?

I'm my grandmothers POA and RP, can I use her funds to do a wellness check/visit at the Nursing home?<br /><br />I live in AZ and my grandmother lives in a nursing home (Dementia Unit due to stroke) in Ridgely,TN. She's been private pay but I just applied for medicaid as she has only $7,000 left. She was just been hospitalized &amp; her health is deteriorating quickly. I would like to drive up for a visit, stay a week or so and possibly bring my girls, as we are the only grand kids and if it doesn't happen soon, it may never happen. As her POA, the only limit I have is that I cannot be compensated or receive personal benefit. And although a visit with her would benefit me, it would benefit her as well and improve her quality of life. I don't have the money to do this. Can I use her funds to pay for the trip? I've also recently received a letter requesting that I attend a care plan meeting in TN.

Asked almost 8 years ago in Tennessee
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