Do i owe them and can i counter sue?

I sold a car privately. The buyer agreed to make payments of 300/month. I told them the car would stay in my possession until the agreed upon $2500 was paid in full. After making the first 2 payments totaling 600. They have missed the last 3 payments and are now wanting to back out of the deal and want the 600 back. We did have a hand written contract stating that the car would stay in my possession until paid in full but there are no provisions in the contract concerning cancelation. I told the buyer that I would list the car for sale again and would try to sell it for 2500. If i in fact do sell for 2500 then I would give them the 600 back. They are threatening to take me to small claims. My first question is do I actually owe them the 600 in return? And my second question is can I counter sue for degradation of the value of the vehicle since it has been sitting since May and now has mechanical problems? Also if I have a viable lawsuit against them, what documentation would I need to prove the value of the mechanical problems?

Asked almost 9 years ago in Richlands, North Carolina
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Jon Welborn

Answer by Jon Welborn

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In order to fully advise you I would have to see the formalized contract even though oral contracts are enforceable. But generally speaking - it appears that you do a have a legally binding contract in that there is offer ($2500), acceptance, consideration (he pays you and you give him the car), and I presume the ability to contract (that neither of you are minors, incompetent, etc). If he fails to abide by the terms and conditions I think this weakens his argument to sue you for breach of contract. However I guess he could argue unjust enrichment. It would seem to me that you could sue him for breach of contract to me but realistically not sure that a few hundred dollars is worth either of you initiating legal action... Especially not considering the costs of attorneys and/or court costs. My advice is I would not worry about being sued.... And if you are then consult further with a lawyer so they can review the contract and the allegations asserted against you.

Posted almost 9 years ago

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