Landlords including me on before and after events

My brother had been living in a place that is month to month rental. It was a POS when he moved in. Our father helped fix it up (drywall, paint, plumbing) the four rooms. During the few years of him living there, some of the previous damages prevailed (really old house). In spring, I moved in, and payed 3 months of his back rent that the landlords allowed him to build up (not doing an eviction notice or anything). He successivly paid the next 3, and we alternated from there on. On one of his months, he asked me to pay, then he would do the next two. So I did and told the landlords: "If he does not pay next month, I will move out, and I am not speaking for him." They said: "OK." Next month, he did not pay. So I moved out to a new place. It is now present day, and I get a court notice in the mail that there was an eviction (or civil) case. It stated that the date (a week prior) there was a hearing, the landlords and my brother were present but I was not, and that we were charged two months rent and extra for property damage (which was both natural and happened both before and during the time of him moving in). My question is: there was no lease signed. There were no "before" property pictures presented by the landlords, however we had "before and after" work pictures, and I was not there for the months they're charging and they knew that. How am I included on the judgement entry for owing an insane amount of $....?

Asked almost 8 years ago in Ohio
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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