Do i sue or do i settle for his deposit

justin, myself and john decided to rent a bigger house and split the rent and the house 1/2&1/2, we did the dirty work (john is in a wheelchair) so we moved his old apt and moved it into our place for the time being so we found a four bedroom two bath house. We moved in on the 1st of this month, well john comes home the next day, he stays for 22 hours, (i get a call at 1 am from the nursing home looking for him because he did not properly check out, so i had to take him back on sunday and i was to pick him up on monday) well he called saying he's not coming back and that he wants his deposit and he is not paying rent, mind you all his belongings are still here and his dog is as well. I 'm in a bit of a slump what do i do?

Asked over 7 years ago in Spring valley, California
Categories: Small Claims

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