Is this a criminal offense?

My friend and I were recently ticketed for "Tresspassing RR property".  We must appear in court.  Essentially we were walking a block down this rr, it has no signs, and practically overlaps with the parking lot.  We had no idea this was illegal, and honestly, there was no real indication that we weren't supposed to be there.  You can see where we were from the street view on google maps:,+200+North+6th+Street,+DeKalb,+IL&hl=en&ll=41.92952,-88.751575&spn=0.002223,0.004651&sll=39.739318,-89.266507&sspn=9.40647,19.050293&oq=union+&t=h&hq=Union+Pacific+Railroad+Co,&hnear=200+N+6th+St,+DeKalb,+Illinois+60115&fll=41.929473,-88.75053&fspn=0.002223,0.004651&z=18&layer=c&cbll=41.92952,-88.751575&panoid=S2HjXvVeOZi0ciJG5-10xQ&cbp=12,282.39,,0,4.05. Initially the officer just checked our ID's and let us go, we walked down the street, and a few blocks later he pulled up behind us and said "bad news, I have to give you tickets- dispatch told me to. I feel bad for even stopping you now, I've never written a ticket for anything like this in my life." He said it was like a traffic ticket, but again court appearance is required;I looked up the law on the ticket: here it is: The law basically says that it's a minimum of a class C misdemeanor and a minimum of $150 fine (ours was for $120). Normally, I'd just pay the fine and not worry about it, but I'm working on getting a job in S. Korea, and my record has to be absolutely spotless (beyond traffic tickets). How serious is this?  Is this a criminal offense? Should we hire a lawyer for this?

Asked over 7 years ago in Dekalb, Michigan
Categories: Municipal Law  Civil Litigation  Criminal Law  General Legal Questions

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<br />It's actualy dekalb IL, not MI

Posted over 7 years ago

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