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I have two questions <p>1- I rented a comercial property to build and start a recording studio. I rented the place in January and was due to start recording people in June. People paid me in advance for a promo I was having for unlimited studio time over six months. Coming into June I discovered a problem with the electric and ask the landlord to fix it for I am unable to run my business with the problem fixed. He took the whole&nbsp; month of June to fix it which cost me business for that month. I refused to pay him rent for June but told him I would pay from July on forward. He dissagreed. I told him to have his lawyer contact me. He said and threatened me by saying he would send his 7 foot tall rent collectors to collect his rent. I filed a police report and told him that I will be leaving his property. Two weeks after that He sends me an eviction notice and is sueing me for the month of June. My question is..was I in the right for withholding rent for June because I couldnt run my business during June, I felt like I didnt owe him?</p> <p>2- I also found out that on the day that my landlord filed an eviction he filed for a renters license, which means he did not have one and was tecnically not suppose to be collecting rent from me anyways. Am I able to sue him for all the rent I paid including deposits and all the work I put in the recording studio... in Philadelphia?</p> <p>Please help.. I lost $10,000 on this business.</p>

Asked almost 8 years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Categories: Landlord-Tenant

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