Contract for deed issue

My last day of my current job is this Friday before I will be laid off due to a DWI charge and now I do not have the money to properly pay an attorney for this issue I am going through with my nlaws that is due to my current divorce with my wife.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Basically in one week I will need to show up and fight this as this is not a fight about rental income it is about ownership of the home and if and when the contract for deed is redone to what it originally was for will I pay this amount which I could possibly borrow money from my parents to make happen but until it is proven that I own the home will I pay one more cent of this.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Please help if possible. <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I bought my current home from my N-Laws through a contract for deed. I gave them the 5% down payment and I have paid for the mortgage the last four years and I spent almost all my savings on some renovations and improvements to the home and now since I am going through a divorce the contract for deed that I had in my closet my wife ended up finding it and ripping it up and then they stated that I do not own the home and then they have tried to kick me out and I Have refused to pay another mortgage payment until I get the rights to this home and this started in April of this year and my wife is telling me that they will have me kicked out within two weeks for failing to pay rent when this is a ownership issue. I do not have money for a real estate attorney and I am just so upset that I am getting taken to the cleaners here. and I have no signed contract now but can show that I have paid for the home improvements and I can get the cancelled checks giving my n laws the down payment and I can even I have all of this that shows that this is our home and we have written off the mtg interest and the taxes/insurance the last 3 years as well. All of this proves I own this home but they are trying to kick me out for non-payment as a renter and I will pay the MORTGAGE PAYMENT once it is confirmed that I own it. These people my nlaws make me sick. I Helped them get the loan modification for this home and now they want the house for their daughter and they want to kick me out. Please Help FAST.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> DETAILS Removed by Administrator

Asked about 8 years ago in Lakevile, Minnesota
Categories: Contracts  Landlord-Tenant

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