Re-adoption by natural father

I adopted my (2) step-children (8 &amp; 10 yo). Although the natural father has no parental rights, nor does he live within the same state, he has always been involved in their lives (birthdays, holidays, Facebook, calls and texts, visits etc). He is not a criminal, works full time, and has been remarried with kids for several years now. Their mother and I were only married 3 yrs before divorce. Natural father has asked before about gaining his rights back, mother says 'No'. Now, having been divorced over a year, I have been paying child support on (2) children that I do not see, who know their real father and see him as 'Dad'. I do have Joint Custody, but do not force the issue with visits with them, because I do not feel it's right to force the children into that situation. They know their Father. Natural Father has recently been urging the issue once again, of re-adopting his children. He wants his parental rights back. I want to give them to him, but Mother still says 'No', we're pretty positive her reasoning is due to garanteed child support.&nbsp; <p>My question is: In a situation as this, must a Mothers' consent be needed for a 're-adoption', if the court can find no reason not to honor it? If found to be in the best interests of the children?</p>

Asked almost 8 years ago in Kansas
Categories: Family

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