Mother passed away and we have a will but it is old and from before she moved to another state and married.

My mother passed away about 3 weeks ago. In packing up her things I came accross a will. It was written in Michigan in 1994. We had since moved to South Carolina where she passed away. She had married since that will was drawn up. We believe foul play was involved in her death and that her husband was to blame but we can not prove it as he rush a a cremation. All that aside in her will she left everything to my grandmother and then to my brother an I. Does that will still stand or is it void due to its age and marriage. Also she had been in a car accident in which she was in the middle of a law suit. Who would the proceeds go to. He called the lawyer the day after her death and said he wanted to settle the law suit.

Asked over 7 years ago in Michigan
Categories: Wills, Estates, Trusts

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