Trouble with a union.

I live in the state of Illinois. I work for a municipality as a Fire Captian and I'm also a member of a fire dept. union (IAFF Local 26). I have also worked, during my days off, for a private ambulance service for nearly 16 years. Recently, the union which I belong decided that all bargaining members will no longer work for private ambulance services or volunteer fire dept. due to a conflict of the unions interests. If I don't quit by Mid June, I was given a 45 day notice letter to quit, I will be brought up on "misconduct charges" and expelled from the union. As a result, I would have to pay "fair share" union dues, but the union is threatening further action like taking away certain benefits for unions members like pay or benefits. Can this be done legally. Punish me for working a 2nd job that they don't approve of ?? Furthermore, can they include language in future contracts with the city which would benefit the union and punish non union members ?

Asked over 8 years ago in Rock island, Illinois
Categories: Municipal Law  Labour & Employment

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