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I was living with the person I was in a relationship with. We broke up, they decided to move out and sign their name of the lease. This was done in early April we are now at the end of may and I keep getting calls and texts demanding for their things. I thought they had 30 days after they moved out to come get their things. As far as I am concerned we shared everything, when they left I thought they had everything they considered theirs. What should I do to resolve this?

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As I understand your situation, the person with whom you were living moved out of the residence you shared together and removed his/her name from the lease.  You thought the former roommate had taken everything with him/her that he/she beleived belonged to him/her, but now the former roommate is demanding the return of other items.
If you believe that everything left behind rightfully belongs to you, then you are under no obligation to return the items to your former roommate.  If there are items that you believe rightfully belong to the roommate then you should return the items.  If your former roommate is not satisfeid with this, then the former roommate has the legal option of filing a Warrant in Detinue seeking court intervenion for the return of the items or payment of the monetary value of the items.
In other words, unless there are items left behind that you believe rightfully belong to the former roommate then you need do nothing.

Posted over 8 years ago

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