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I am a divorced woman with 2 kids and I'm still dealing with civil court over 2 years later. I think my lawyer may be mishandling my case. This should be open and shut, but he has pushed back the court date 3 times and has asked me to pack up all my ex-husbands things and bring them to my lawyers office without a court order or any signed paperwork. Now my lawyer has told me that he, my ex-husbands lawyer, and my ex-husband need to do a "walk-thru" of my home. Does this sound right or am I being taken advantage of?

Asked about 8 years ago in Louisiana
Categories: Civil Litigation  Family

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David White

Answer by David White

VerifiedLouisiana lawyer

yes, assuming you and your husband co own the house. He's entitled to look at the house to see its condition, etc

Posted about 8 years ago

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