Can child support be ordered without the alledged father being served or going to court?

I just received a letter in the mail ordering child support in the state of VA. I have not been served or even went to court on this matter. Can VA order child support without a court hearing?

Asked about 8 years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia
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Mel Williams

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Under certain circumstances, yes.  This is most likely an administrative support order, or notice of proposed administrative support order through the Division of Child Support Enforcement.
I suggest that you review the correspondece that you received to determine what action you can take to contest the award of child support.  Do whatever it says within the time limits given, or you risk a presumption arising that you owe the child support.  This can be remedied in court but it's a lot easier if you contest it now.
I primarily handle cases in western Virginia, roughly from Lynchburg to Blacksburg, and my office is located in Roanoke.  I have no idea where in Virginia you are located, but if you wish to consutl further with me, then I would need to meet with you and review whatever correspondence you received, which would entail payment of a consultation fee.  If you wish to consult with me then please contact Karen in my office at 540-982-3711, est. 301, to schedule an appointment.

Posted about 8 years ago

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