Can i sue this bar for what the injury they caused my husband?

Me, my husband and some friends went out to a bar over the weekend. We each had 2 drinks and my husband had spit off the side of the roof and the security gaurd was yelling at him to leave because apparently it was against there rules to spit off the roof. Anyways as we were being escorted out, they were shoving my husband down the stairs and my husband put his elbow back to keep from falling down the stairs, the security gaurd wrapped his hands around my husbands neck into a choke hold, a military tactic. Had him in the postion for over 2 miuntes, my husband blacked out, fell down the stairs and as I tried to get to him they shoved me out of the way. I have 4 witnesses, including myself who witnessed this. We are pressing charges on the security gaurd, but what is the likelihood of winning a case if we were to sue the bar itself? We talked to the owner and he was not cooperative with us at all. Military tactics are against military regulations, and being that the owner did nothing to stop the security gaurd from using them puts him in the wrong as well, doesn't it? My husband went to medical today because his neck was in a lot of pain, he found out he has a sprained neck.

Asked over 8 years ago in North Carolina
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