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i was in a 24 hour drive thru a cop pulled behind me out of no where but at the time i didnt have no id or anything i havent had the car for 24 hour i just brought it it was not insured at the time but is now so the cop say he smell weed in i say we havent been smoking he say do u smoke yes i do smoke but we havent he didnt find no weed on us in my car or anywere on my report he say i refused a drug test in i didnt he didnt explain to me that i was refuseing a drug test he ask did i want to go to the hospital i ask him willm it mean anything if i do or not he said no and he didnt not explain to me that i was refusing i never had a dui in didnt know i had a dui untill i got out of jail inread my papers my car is impounded in i have 4 kids and my own apartment in a singal parent and the fees r to much at the impound i got a dui thats 2,000 dollars plus the towing and storage fees i need help cause this case is sum bs i was not smoking at all no i didnt not have my license cause i never went to get them but wen i just tried the dmv told me my license was suspened in thats ceazi cause i never had one in the suspened cause this case in i didnt have insurance in he gave me a ticket for my tints on my window i brought the car with tint in remind u i havent had the car for a whole 24 hours please help

Asked about 8 years ago in Chicago, Illinois
Categories: DUI  Administrative

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